Boomers and the frozen dead guy of Nederland, Colorado

Life in limbo

Unlike Boomers, the frozen dead guy of Nederland, Colorado is no longer adaptable. Spending over 20 years in dry ice will do that to a person.

Bredo Morstøl, a Norwegian whose frozen body was relocated to Colorado by his grandson, is the dead guy in question. He awaits re-animation at some future time when medical science feels up to the task.

Frozen Dead Guy 2015Meanwhile, each year the little mountain town of Nederland celebrates its most famous resident with a 3-day festival of coffin races, a hearse parade, brain freeze contests, frozen turkey bowling, a frozen salmon toss and various other rustic activities that sophisticates might consider as in questionable taste.

If you want to show off your frozen turkey bowling skills – of course you do – the 2015 dates to mark on your calendar are March 13th through 15th.

No surprise, the festivities are warmly endorsed by local bars, pubs and breweries. A good time is had by all. Although Bredo has yet to make his official views known, we assume he approves.

Boomers in advertising and the frozen dead guy have much in common

Herr Morstøl is not alone in his cryogenic state: Boomers have also been shoved into in deep freeze.

In our case it is due to the prevailing mainstream brand marketing dogma that buying decisions of Americans over 50 are – like Bredo – frozen in time. A few of us may be tolerated a little longer, but after we move out of the 25-54 demo, except for age-specific and high ticket items, advertisers give us a permanent cold shoulder.

Ironically, the only frozen thinking is this last-century theory itself. Boomers are actually America’s most adaptable generation; adaptability is a lifelong trait – part of our DNA.

6 cent stamp

We owned Datsuns before they were Nissans, and Chryslers before they were Mercedes before they were Fiats. We went from cell phones the size of a loaf of bread to the iPhone 6 and from black and white TV to streaming video. We even adapted to paying more than 6 cents for a 1st class stamp (1968-71.)

Visionaries reject brain freeze and warm up to the 15th Nation

It’s not as if Americans over 50 are a niche market: we own 85% of the nation’s household assets. Most of this huge pool of buying power is controlled by the Boomer-Plus Generation™, born 1940-1964.

At 89 million strong, if it were a country, it would be the world’s 15th most populous – the 15th Nation™. And, as owners of a whopping two-third of U.S. household net worth, it creates a larger, wealthier market than Germany or France or the UK, and 60% more than Canada and Australia combined.

Brain Freeze_Master Shake

Mainstream brands that can’t figure out how to increase profits from a more lucrative market than Germany are thinking even more glacially than the frozen dead guy of Nederland, Colorado.

Maybe they should try thinking outside the brain freeze box.

Thaw alert: some young adworld innovators, skeptical of outdated thinking, are already beginning to realize that adaptability actually continues after age 50.

Fortunately for them, Boulder, Colorado – just a few miles down the mountain from the Bredo Morstøl residence – is the official home of the 15th Nation and it’s consulting arm the Boomer-Plus Consulting Group (BCG).

The BCG professionals help disruptives warm up to the idea of advertising to Americans in the 50+ space, and invite Millennial visionaries to come up and prosper in their progressive, sunny world.

In fact, the frozen dead guy locale notwithstanding, Colorado is so sunny and so progressive that Reuters reports it is one of America’s top ten states for solar energy production.

How’s that for an inspiring cryogenic awakening?

Opportunity Sunny Boulder

Boomer - neXt SM logo_MMOriginally published as a Boomer-Plus Consulting Group post; in September, 2017, we up-branded as Boomer / neXt to welcome the 4 million Gen Xers who join the Boomers in the 50+ space each year.

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