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Farewell In 2015: Three Boomer Icons Who Mainstreamed LA

Los Angeles: From no “there” to “too many there“ Until the 1970s Los Angeles’ population influx had mainly come from middle America. Establishment easterners snarked that the place was an intellectual desert. Should the occasional elite Bostonian, New Yorker or Philadelphian venture out there … Continue reading

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Boomer Spending Power: Pew, Chicken Little, Pollyanna and Wile E. Coyote

Chicken Little and Pollyanna analyze the latest Pew income data There’s an old story about the corporate CEO who insisted all analysts present their findings to management with one arm tied firmly behind their backs. The boss was tired of wishy-washy reports that concluded “on the one … Continue reading

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How Boomers Revolutionized The Luxury Car Market

Boomers and the demise of domestic luxury cars The 2015 LA Auto Show – the first of the U.S. 2016 model year events – closed on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Who knows, maybe somewhere in the glittering array there were vehicles as … Continue reading

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