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Boomer Girls Still Just Want To Have Fun

Who says Boomers aren’t adaptable? For sure, not the defunct music cassette industry. The adland rap on consumers outside the 18-49 demographic is that they – i.e., we of the over-fifty persuasion – are unadaptable. Apparently, our lizard brains take over and we … Continue reading

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Boomers: The Key Generation For Electric Vehicles

The 2016 Detroit Auto Show: fuel misers provide a guilt-assuaging sidebar to the glamor and glitz After a U.S. sales record of 17.5 million new light duty vehicles in 2015, the automotive press was bedazzled – understandably – by the gorgeous array of new vehicles on … Continue reading

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Madison Avenue Blacklist Snares 8.5 Million Gen Xers In 2016

Generation X steadily transitioning into obscurity in 2016 January, as trivia mavens, scholars and smarty pants in general remind us, is named for the Roman god Janus. Equipped with two heads, he looks to the past – the year just ended – and … Continue reading

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