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Marketing Lessons From Las Vegas: Hit The Jackpot With Boomers

Da best kinda advertising: woid of mout’ In 2015, some 42 million people visited Las Vegas; over 15 million were aged fifty-plus. The city’s popularity as a destination has soared since 1970 when those Boomers first came to play; the visitor count was 6.8 million … Continue reading

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Boomer Women: Sustainable Energy For The U.S. Economy

Sustainability: the buzzword for the new century Despite gasoline prices at a 40-year low – adjusted for inflation – and some 250 million U.S. passenger vehicles running on fossil fuel, the auto industry is looking towards a sustainable energy future. In the short run this is “encouraged”, … Continue reading

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Advertising To Boomers: Lessons From The Great American Desert

The beaver on the mountainside James Michener’s historical novel Centennial describes how Native Americans imagined a giant beaver climbing the mountain now called Long’s Peak (14,259 ft). That’s still how it looks from 50 miles away in the thriving little Colorado cities of Longmont and Greeley, where travelers crossing the prairie start … Continue reading

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