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Boomer Megatrend Embraced By Millennials: Sports Shoes As Everyday-Wear

Running for fun is booming: especially in Boulder, Colorado In 1970 around 100,000 run-for-funners – or was it runners-for-fun? – participated in a U.S. road or cross-country race. Pretty much all of us were Boomer jocks. Thanks to their Peter Pan DNA Boomers rejected … Continue reading

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Volkswagen’s Untapped Reserves Of Boomer Goodwill

Volkswagen recovering from diesel downer U.S. auto sales figures are in for the first four months of 2016, and they are encouraging for Volkswagen. Not great but, under the circumstances, encouraging. In fact, the results are better than many predicted when the diesel/EPA cheating … Continue reading

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Risky Shades Of Gray: Millennials Are Aging — And Madison Avenue Is Noticing

Escaping grayscale: colorful Boomer lives Boomers knew exactly what Paul Simon meant when he sang “Kodachrome, they give us those nice bright colors … everything looks worse in black and white.” Kodachrome hit #2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in June, 1973, … Continue reading

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